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Eastcoast Trip Nr.1 – from Sydney to Byron Bay

Finally, after six weeks of school in dream city Sydney in Australia my eastcoast trip is coming closer and closer. After packing all my stuff in a big suitcase instead of packing my belongings in a backpack -LIKE REAL BACKPACKERS- I am ready for my trip along the eastcoast – from Sydney up to Cairns. My travel friend was Marta, an Italian friend! I met her in the Surfcamp near Sydney where we stayed the whole weekend. And I have to say we have become really good friends. But now more to our trip…

My friend and I, we met us at the bus stop near Central Station in Sydney where the Premier Bus waited for us to board.
There are two different companies who are offering trips for example from Sydney up to Cairns or Melbourne to Sydney.
Really famous are the companies GREYHOUND and PREMIER Bus. Normally, Premier Bus is a bit cheaper and less full with traveller than with the GREYHOUND but in total both are really good.

2. LET’S DRIVE we are totally nervous about our planned trip and cannot wait to reach our first spot
After a long 14 hours drive from Sydney, …

3. BYRON BAY…we finally arrived in Byron Bay. Firstly, I have to say that Byron Bay is by far the best location I have ever seen. I really fell in love with this place.
White sand, cristal blue water, dolphins, lightning house, nature and amazing people!
Beside this, I would compare Byron Bay with Italy because it is a small city with cute shops near the beach, also the flair at night is fantastic.
Local people are singing and playing different instruments on the streets while you can enjoy your dinner and evening with your family and friends.
In total, my friend and I stayed almost three days there.

We did the dolphin kajak and the Nimbin tour.
NIMBIN, is a small small „city“ further in the middle of Australia and an about 2/3 hours drive from Byron Bay. It is famous for its hippie culture and for weed.

DOLPHIN KAJAK, the dolphin kajak is an activity you can do in Byron Bay because it is famous for their dolphins and the long beach. Locals are offering a kajak tour where you can meanwhile observe dolphins in the sea.

Our accommodation was the Backpackers INN. It is a really nice hostel with new bathrooms which are really clean and a pool in the backyard. Furthermore, you can reach the beach within a minute from the hostel. That was perfect! So we could see the sunrise in the morning.

IF you travel the eastcoast in Australia, I can really recommend this place and the accommodation there!
Feel free to ask if you have further questions about my trip in AU!

SEE YA! Cheers…







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