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Hello lovelies,
welcome to my racing section.

I know that some of you do not know something about motorsport so I will tell you something about and how I have started racing.
Before you start with driving formula cars or touring cars you normally start with go karting, so I did.
A go-kart is a kind of a body with four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine.
It is an easy description but the best way to understand it. Above there are some pictures you can watch.
With fifteen years I drove my first round with such a kart and immediately I fell in love with it. This was the time I asked my dad every day to get a own one. My dad called Georg was also a racingdriver. He started also really late but he accomplished to have success. My dad drove also with Michael Schumacher, Harald Frentzen… But he did not show me this kind of sport.
Normally children start driving with roughly 3 years in a smaller kart with less speed.
After driving one month on my own I got bored so I have decided to drive my first race.
It was so much fun! So the next races came…
After one year I got an invite of BMW to fly to Brands Hatch (it is a circuit in Brands Hatch) and to get a try with a formula car.
It was really a big step for me because I did not have much experience like others but this could not stop me and it will not. I love racing! I love driving fast cars!
I love the action, speed, noise, challenge…! And this chance was also the reason why I have started to drive formula cars. Some tests came. But unfortunately this kind of sport is really really expensive. This means that you have only the opportunity to drive if you have a lot of money. Before the first formula race my sponsors could not pay for it anymore because the flood came and they did not have the opportunity to support me more.
But everybody knows that there are always ups and downs! And you have to challenge it! So always think positive and do the best of it.
You have to know that I have my goals, I am really amitious.
At the moment we are planning for the year 2017 to go back on track!
I would like to drive the TCR Cup in Germany and besides to test for the Porsche GT3 Cup.
To have this unique chance I have to find sponsors who like to support me. Therefore the companies get huge advertisement places on my car, racingsuits, helmet and so on…
Or I will present your products?  If I could inspire you, feel free to contact me and ask me everything you want to know. Maybe you also like to support me?
I am looking forward it.

It would be awesome.

Let’s race!

Love Racinglady


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