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Snowmobiling in Canada

Hey guys,

if you have followed my instagram account keepmewild__ you know that I am abroad since September and travelled to Canada. That is why I want to begin writing my blogs in English as well. I love languages and I hope to improve it while I am travelling and staying in touch with my followers and readers. As you know social media is getting more and more part of our lifes and everybody should get the chance to get to know people around the world and that everyone can be part of one’s experience.

You have to know that I am a totally winter person! I love snow, especially I love to go skiing in the mountains, wearing cosy clothes and doing a lot of adventurous activities like SNOWMOBILING! That’s what I did in Canada and I have to say that my trip to Vancouver gave me the best memories I ever had. Since I was young I was dreaming about driving a snowmobile! Before Canada I had never the chance to try it once but therefore I did my boating license because it also has a lot of power and you can feel the speed. Driving a jetski in the water is not the same as a snowmobile but I would say almost! It is so much fun and it always makes me laugh.

I went snowmobiling in Whistler. Whistler is a really famous skiing resort in Canada since the winter olympics took place in 2010.
So I took the chance to drive the snowmobile in the deep forests of Whistler. And I guess it is an experience you will never forget.
I also had the luck that I had a tour guide on my own because there were too many people who participated as well. That means that we did not have the struggles if somebody would drive too slow or that we had to wait for the whole group. This was really good because therefore we could go off pist to the deep snow in the forest and driving hills with a 90 percent of incline. Moreover, the tour guide told me that we did more trails and more challenging paths you normally could book. That was really cool!

If you go to Canada, I really recommend you to go to Whistler! Not only for skiing or snowmobiling it is also nice to go out there and enjoy the view and the winter time there.
Feel free to ask me about it if you are interested!


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